Holistic Childbirth Preparation and Education

26 Nov Holistic Childbirth Preparation and Education

ONGOING | 7 Week Series | Private Sessions

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Holistic Childbirth Preparation and Education
with Kate Naumes ND & Shannon Driscoll of Oil & Cotton Creative Exchange

This private class brings couples together in an inspiring environment to prepare for childbirth as they explore their pregnancies and unique experiences through journaling, discussion, and creative hands-on projects.

Do you desire a natural childbirth with as few medical interventions as possible? Are you planning a hospital or home birth but would like to find a Childbirth Education Class that helps you and your partner to prepare for a natural birth in either setting?

Natural birth is labor that proceeds without unnecessary medical interventions such as cesarean section, epidural anesthesia, or artificial induction of labor. When there are problems such interventions have their place, but for the vast majority of women, these medical interventions are simply not necessary.

Instead, what is needed is a holistic approach to childbirth education. Over the course of 7 weeks we will:
-Learn through interactive, creative participation, in a spirit of fun and curiosity
-Help give mothers-to-be insight about what labor and birth will be like from her perspective
-Prepare ourselves to be in labor & give birth as a mother
Practice relaxation and pain coping techniques weekly
Prepare ourselves to be new parents: baby care basics, getting breastfeeding off to a good start
-Get out of our heads and into our bodies

Who is this class for?
– “I’m having a home birth and I just need to find the right class to prepare for natural childbirth.”
– “I just know you’re supposed to take a childbirth education class.”
– “I already had a baby in a medicalized environment and was not happy. I am looking for a different approach this time around.”
– “I’m having a hospital birth but I’m hoping to avoid epidural, C- section and/or induction (ie medical intervention).”

7 week series –
To inquire about prices or to signup for a series appropriate for your due date please email frontdesk@naumesnd.com