Pregnancy Flourish Kit: 3rd trimester

02 Feb Pregnancy Flourish Kit: 3rd trimester

You will experience how nutrition and supplementation can positively impact  your third trimester of pregnancy from the comfort of your home.

 Here at Holistic Wellness, we believe that healthy women are the hub of a healthy world, and as healthier women we bring forth healthier and happier generations. The nutritional suggestions for your last trimester are aimed to help with energy for labor, proper blood clotting after delivery, high-quality breast milk, healthy iron status, gestational diabetes prevention, and calcium status. Your body is preparing to give birth and your baby is growing quickly. 

Holistic pregnancy support throughout the entire pregnancy – increase your chances of a healthy full-term pregnancy, a straightforward labor, a rapid recovery, decreased risk for postpartum depression, successful breastfeeding – and of course, a bright, healthy, beautiful baby!  This 1st trimester plan takes 1st trimester nausea into consideration too.  

This research-based, targeted health plan provides holistic support throughout pregnancy, and is delivered straight to you. The nutrition guide, and supplement regimen are easy-to access, informative, and instantly implementable—and you can benefit from Dr. Naumes’ trusted naturopathic approach, wherever you are. Great for women who are interested in a holistic approach to pregnancy and beyond.

You can easily access the custom women’s health packages here. (details about particular packages found here too)