Bodywork - Dr. Kate Naumes||Holistic Wellness
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Bodywork is an essential component of self-care and healing. Once established as a client, we are delighted to connect you to massage, traditional chinese medicine & acupuncture – via our many health collaborators.

One such collaborator is Janae Stephens, owner of Stephens Physical Therapy. For your convenience, Janae practices in our office several days a week. Stephens Physical Therapy is a private physical therapy practice that specializes in treating pelvic floor conditions and dysfunction. Their focus is to give each patient total body health with one-on-one patient care by the therapist for a custom treatment program that is unique and individualized. The evaluation and treatment program is designed to return pelvic function and to relieve any discomfort. Their mission is to provide the highest level of pelvic health therapy to each one of their clients. Working hand-in-hand with physicians in determining the need for pelvic floor therapy, their goal is to assist with diagnosis, provide effective treatment, and identify the tools needed to manage a home therapy program. To inquire about Physical Therapy services, please schedule directly with Janae.