27 Jan Menopause Flourish Kit

You will experience how nutrition and supplementation can positively impact  peri menopause from the comfort of your home. As the body transitions during peri menopause, it’s a critical time to invest in your health.   This research-based, targeted health plan provides holistic support for menopause, and is...

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25 Jan Announcing: Kate Naumes ND Women’s Health Packages!

Kate Naumes ND is excited to announce that women across the country can now access her evidence-based, naturopathic approach to common women’s reproductive health needs. Based on years of working with women in their reproductive years, these curated women’s health packages include a 60-day supplement...

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28 Apr What exactly is in the Meal Planning Packages?

We know meal planning can be overwhelming and time consuming! Easily and consistently implement your nutrition suggestions to support your unique schedule and lifestyle. With a highly personalized Meal Planning Package, you will receive meal plans, recipes and a corresponding grocery list. To help you feel...

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