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Flourish with Dr. Kate

Pregnancy Health Plan : 3rd Trimester


Holistic pregnancy support throughout the entire pregnancy – increase your chances of a healthy full-term pregnancy, a straightforward labor, a rapid recovery, and decreased risk for postpartum depression.

This research-based, targeted health plan provides holistic support for the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and is delivered straight to you. The nutrition guides and 120 day supplement regimen are easy-to access, informative, and instantly implementable—and you can benefit from Dr. Naumes’ trusted naturopathic approach, wherever you are.  Perfect as a holistic addition to your midwife or obstetric care.


  • 13 bottles making up 5 individual supplements (60 day supply)
  • 3rd trimester research-based nutritional guidelines visual (PDF)
  • 3rd trimester research-based nutritional guidelines audio (mp3)


Within 24 hours of placing your order, you will receive a link to your supplement dosages and research based nutritional guidelines in both visual (PDF) and audio (mp3) format.  Your supplements will arrive in approximately 7 business days. This will last you the entire 3rd trimester even if you go past your due date!

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