Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never seen a Naturopathic doctor, how do I know if you are the right fit for me?

The best way to see if Dr. Kate is the right fit for you is to read this website in detail as we’ve worked very hard to convey who we are and what we do. Please take the time to finish reading this informative FAQ and peruse our BLOGS most relevant to your concerns. Finally, before you schedule an appointment, be sure to read our SCHEDULING DETAILS page.

Do you work with ______?

Though naturopathic care may benefit humans of all ages, our particular focus is on naturopathic women’s wellness. Dr. Kate’s specific areas of focus are related to issues most common to women in the childbearing years – in other words, first period to last period. Naturopathic women’s wellness  encompasses hormone & menstrual cycle health – including, but not limited to, PCOS, endometriosis, pre-conception, fertility optimizations, infertility, perimenopause and menopause.  Dr. Kate excels at the often interconnected issues of mood disorders, digestive problems, hormone imbalances and brain health.  Go deeper into your specific health concern in our Blogs .

Do you offer annual gyn exams and paps?

No. We do not offer an annual gynecological exam or pap smear. We do not offer HIV testing, we do not show patients how to check for breast cancer, we do not offer the full spectrum of birth control methods. We do work with HIV+ clients, we do encourage our clients to practice regular self breast exams, and we do have extensive education on the full spectrum of birth control methods and are happy to discuss.

What about my children, can you help them?

We do not accept pediatric clients.

What can I expect from my first visit with you?

Your first visit lasts 90 minutes and includes addressing your primary concern. Our approach combines a thorough intake and history. We ask you to set aside an hour a few days before your first visit to fill out your paperwork. You are given an opportunity after you’ve scheduled, but before your first visit, to send us any relevant lab work. Submitted relevant past medical records and lab tests will be reviewed during the visit. Go deeper in our Scheduling Details page.

Do you work with other health care practitioners?

Absolutely. In your first visit intake paperwork, please provide their contact information. As a consultant, Dr. Kate acts alongside your primary care doctor, OB/GYN, endocrinologist, cardiologist & other important members of your healthcare team. We enjoy supporting women during pregnancy and the postpartum period alongside their birth care provider. You are given an opportunity after you’ve scheduled, but before your first visit, to send us any relevant lab work from other providers. Submitted relevant past medical records and lab tests will be reviewed during the visit.

If I am taking prescription medications, can I take natural medicines?

Yes, depending upon circumstances. Dr. Kate has trained extensively in the interactions of pharmaceutical medications and herbal medicine. This training includes the potential adverse effects that may occur if improperly combined. Your naturopath will avoid harmful combinations of both drug-nutrient interactions and drug-herbal interactions. It is very important that you provide your naturopath with a list of current medications and keep her informed of any changes to that list. It is also important to let your other healthcare practitioners know what supplements you are taking at your visit.

In what ways are naturopaths and conventional physicians alike?

Naturopathic physicians and conventional physicians receive very similar training in the basic sciences in the first two years of medical school. Both study modern physical, clinical and laboratory diagnosis and are trained to diagnose disease. Both refer clients to other health care providers when appropriate.

How many cycles should I have tracked (LH, temps/BBT, cervical fluid) before scheduling an appointment?

Please don’t delay scheduling simply because you haven’t tracked menstrual cycles. If you have been charting your menstrual cycles please send the 1 to 6 most recent or relevant charts. You are given an opportunity after you’ve scheduled, but before your first visit, to send us any relevant records.  Submitted relevant past medical records, menstrual cycle charts and lab tests will be reviewed during the visit.

Would you be able to provide a list of the lab tests needed for your assessment?

We understand that sometimes clients would like to get blood test(s) prior to the first appointment. Prior to becoming an established client, Dr. Kate cannot provide a personalized list of recommended labs.

Can you order labs?

Not in the state of Texas. However, Naturopathic Doctors are trained to draw blood, order lab work, and to interpret the results. If you have recently had any lab work done please bring any results to your naturopathic visit.

Can you draw blood?

Dr. Kate does not perform blood draws. 

How is naturopathic care different from conventional medicine?

Naturopathy differs in its strategy. Rather than suppressing a few key symptoms, the goal is the restoration of overall health. In this regard, Dr. Kate works to identify the underlying cause of the medical condition(s) and use strategies that promote the natural healing mechanisms of the body. Typically, Dr. Kate spends more time with clients and is therefore deeply familiar with their health. She considers the education of clients and the answering of their questions to be a vital aspect of care.

Will insurance cover Naturopathic care?

No, not in a state where Naturopaths have yet to be licensed.  Some naturopaths in licensed states are set up to bill insurance. Dr. Kate holds her license in Oregon and acts in other US states as a wellness consultant, not a physician. In order to offer the most comprehensive care, Dr. Kate does not bill insurance.

How much are your visits?

Please see the scheduling details page.

How long will it take before I begin to feel better?

Dr. Kate believes in establishing a dynamic relationship with each unique client. Her wellness guides are tailored to each individual and therefore call for a different amount of time for each person. Optimal health takes time and a lifelong commitment to your health and wellness. In order to best support you, it is ideal to see Dr. Kate on a regular basis. We see the best results from our clients who commit themselves to regular care via our optional membership plan.

If I Began Meeting With You Today, How Might My Life Be Different In A Year?

You may experience better sleep, more energy, better moods, fewer chronic symptoms, have a deeper understanding of what your symptoms mean and how they relate to each other, a deeper knowing of the best lifestyle for you and its influence on your day-to-day wellbeing, and increased vitality and vibrancy.

If my symptoms are currently managed with medication, why should I seek you out?
  • To understand the reasons why you developed your illness
  • To determine how to prevent a progression of your current diagnosis
  • To achieve true wellness
  • To regain a sense of empowerment regarding your health – to feel like YOU can have an impact on your illness
How do you define optimal health?

• Minimal symptoms
• Good sleep, vibrant energy, positive mental outlook, balanced appetite
• Ability to adjust to changing life conditions
• Adaptation to stressful situations
• Understanding the impact of your food & lifestyle choices
• Acute illnesses occur once or twice a year
• Absence of chronic disease
• High level of fulfillment and self-reported “well-being”

Is naturopathic medicine cost-effective?

Absolutely. Naturopathic medicine is focused on addressing causes, not solely symptoms. While identifying the cause of any particular condition may take some time, each suggestion is aimed at improving your overall health. This is all part of preventing acute illnesses & chronic disease in the future.

What type of training does a Naturopathic Doctor receive?

Naturopathic physicians have a minimum of 7 years of post-secondary education. Training requires four years of naturopathic medical education from one of six recognized schools in North America. That training includes 3500 classroom hours divided among: Health sciences – similar to the curriculum at a conventional medical school, the first two years of naturopathic medicine are focused on gaining an in-depth understanding of the science of the body. 1200 hours in the teaching clinic, treating patients under the supervision of a licensed naturopathic physician and 300 hours observing naturopathic physicians in their own offices. Upon completion of this education, naturopathic physicians are qualified to work as primary care physicians in licensed states. More info on ND curriculum.