Naturopathic Women’s Wellness

Naturopathic women’s wellness encompasses hormone & menstrual cycle health – including, but not limited to, PCOS, endometriosis, preconception, fertility optimizations, infertility, perimenopause and menopause.  

You can count on Kate Naumes, ND to draw on her deep wells of scientific training, sage wisdom and next-level intuition. Dr. Kate, a trained naturopathic doctor from Bastyr University, an accredited naturopathic medical school, is a world class listener that can provide the personalized insights and mindful accountability that no stressed out late night googling can give.

Your first visit lasts 60 minutes and includes addressing your primary concern. Dr. Kate’s approach combines a thorough intake and history.  We ask you to set aside an hour a few days before your first visit to fill out your paperwork. You are given an opportunity after you’ve scheduled, but before your first visit, to send us any relevant lab work. Submitted relevant past medical records and lab tests will be reviewed during the visit.  

It’s so important to make time for yourself when you aren’t feeling your best or are setting your sights on a new goal.  The day of your appointment, please set aside two hours to nurture yourself – including the 15 minutes before and after your phone appointment. We encourage you to:

  • find a quiet place to relax
  • Pour yourself a glass of water or make yourself some tea
  • have a pen and fresh sheet of paper out
  • enjoy a few slow relaxing breaths

During your telehealth visit, Dr. Kate will review your intake paperwork and any records you have sent over.  When thinking about your wellness, we consider how our clients live, how they interact with their environment and how those choices affect their well-being. We will be using this time to listen and identify the most immediate issues.  

Depending on your phase of life and health and wellness needs, we may recommend some combination of cycle charting, salivary hormone, and urinary metabolite testing to help give us additional insight into your hormonal landscape.  

Rather than just focusing on the treatment of disease or elimination of symptoms, Dr. Kate tailors her recommendations to meet the individual & holistic needs of each client. We craft comprehensive wellness plans that blend the best of modern medical science and traditional natural medical approaches. Dr. Kate may use any number and combination of the following tools:  Botanical Medicine/Supplements, Nutrition/ Gut Wellness, Movement, Environmental Exposure/Detoxification, Stress Modification/Mindfulness techniques, and Sleep Improvement.  

By the end of the day on the day of your visit, Dr. Kate will send you a detailed, personalized Wellness Guide (suggested plan of action) which empowers you on your wellness journey between visits.  

As a consultant, Dr Kate acts alongside your primary care doctor, OB/GYN, fertility specialist, endocrinologist, & any other important members of your healthcare team.  We also enjoy supporting women during pregnancy alongside their birth care provider. 

Feel free to take a deep dive with our founder by listening to the following informative podcast.