Pre-conception & Fertility

We can help you become your most vital, fertile, and joyful self.  At Holistic Wellness, we  empower couples who are facing health & fertility challenges, and help them establish optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness for themselves as the cornerstone for a successful journey toward achieving pregnancy, growing a healthy family, and having a joyful life.

Dr. Naumes with one of her clients


Preconception care is what you do to prepare yourself to become pregnant. When both parents are working to achieve optimal health before conception, the health of both parents is reflected in healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. You will learn how nutrition, changes in body composition, exercise and sleep can positively impact the health of any future pregnancy. Research shows that preconception and fertility care decreases your chance of miscarriage and increase your chances of a healthy full-term pregnancy, a straightforward labor, a rapid recovery, decreased risk for postpartum depression, and increased likelihood of breastfeeding! Over the years, we’ve found that women who commit to preconception care experience less first trimester nausea too!  

Your first visit lasts 90 minutes and includes addressing your primary concern. Our approach combines a thorough intake and history.  We ask you to set aside an hour a few days before your first visit to fill out your paperwork and send over any relevant past medical records.   You are given an opportunity after you’ve scheduled, but before your first visit, to send us any relevant records.  Submitted relevant past medical records, menstrual cycle charts and lab tests will be reviewed during the visit. 

Please don’t delay scheduling simply because you haven’t tracked menstrual cycles. If you have been charting your menstrual cycles please send the 1 to 6 most recent or relevant charts.

During your telehealth visit your ND will review your intake paperwork and any records you have sent over.  When thinking about your wellness, we consider how our clients live, how they interact with their environment and how those choices affect their  well-being.   We will be using this time to listen and identify the most immediate issues.  

During your visit your ND can provide a personalized list of recommended labs.  Depending on if you are coming in for preconception care or infertility, we may recommend some combination of cycle charting, lab (blood) testing, salivary hormone, urinary metabolite testing, and gut health tests to help give us additional insight into your hormonal landscape. 

By the end of the day on the day of your visit, your naturopath will send you a detailed, personalized Wellness Guide (suggested plan of action) which empowers you on your wellness journey between visits.  

As consultants, we act alongside your primary care doctor, OB/GYN, fertility specialist, endocrinologist, & any other important members of your healthcare team. 

In order to best support you during your fertility journey, it is ideal to see your Naturopath on a regular basis. We see the best results from our clients who commit themselves to regular care via our optional membership plan.