3rd Trimester Meal Plan


The nutritional suggestions for your last trimester are aimed to help with energy for labor, proper blood clotting after delivery, high-quality breast milk, optimal iron status, gestational diabetes prevention, and optimal calcium status. Protein requirements during this time suggest aiming for 75-100 grams per day. Avoid alcohol throughout the duration of your pregnancy to prevent birth complications and health problems for your baby.  This meal plan is IRON-RICH, CALCIUM-RICH, MAGNESIUM-RICH, VITAMIN K-RICH, HIGH-FIBER, LOW-GLYCEMIC, and HIGH IN OMEGA-3S. All Meal Plans are free of Gluten and Cow-Dairy.


We know meal planning can be overwhelming and time consuming! Easily and consistently implement a nutrition plan targeted to your specific health needs. With a research-based, 3rd Trimester Meal Planning Package, you will receive 7 days of meal plans, recipes and a corresponding grocery list.