Hypnosis: A Holistic Approach to Hot Flashes

Nearly two-thirds of women in their forties and fifties experience symptoms related to menopause. Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, a rollercoaster of emotions (for no apparent reason), low libido. or, worse, painful intercourse, can all be signs that your hormones are moving you into the next stage. (For a complete list of symptoms, read this post).

While there is no ‘cure’ for menopause (it’s a stage of life, after all, not a disease) there are steps you can take to alleviate symptoms. In fact, I believe it’s possible to go through menopause feeling great and experiencing very few symptoms. It is my goal for my clients.  


Choosing holistic menopause treatments over HRT

If you’ve read this post, you know why I’m a big advocate for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). But I also know it’s not for everyone. Some women prefer to focus on natural remedies and others are advised against HRT for health reasons.

For example
, two randomized control trials (RCTs) reported conflicting outcomes of breast cancer recurrence with hormone therapy, so some breast cancer survivors make the decision with their oncologist not to use HRT.  

Understanding the potential implications based on your medical history, particularly for breast cancer survivors, underscores the importance of informed discussions with healthcare professionals when exploring menopausal treatment options.

The good news is there are many holistic approaches to treating menopause symptoms. In fact, because I believe in holistic treatment of the whole body using different modalities, I advise all my clients, even women who are able to take HRT, to add these to their treatment plans. 


Hypnosis as a natural treatment to manage perimenopausal symptoms 

If you are looking for an estrogen-free menopause treatment, hypnosis is an excellent holistic menopause treatment and is a natural complement to other medical treatments or lifestyle changes recommended for managing hot flashes associated with menopause.  Hypnosis has been shown to reduce self-reported and physiologically recorded hot flashes and night sweats. Two rigorous randomized control trials (RCTs) showed it to be effective in reducing hot flashes and night sweats  in survivors of breast cancer and in postmenopausal women.

If you want to try clinical hypnosis to alleviate hot flashes, I highly recommend this meditation tool I created with my colleague, Valerie Grimes, of the Flow Center, an online and in-person hypnosis center based in Dallas, Texas.  

Download our free meditation, Hypnosis for Hot Flashes here

We developed this tool based on our research in the areas of hypnosis and menopause and our combined experience treating clients for hot flashes and clinical hypnosis.

Valerie is a graduate of the Dallas Hypnosis Training Institute and is certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. In her work at The Flow Center, Valerie helps clients by combining traditional hypnotic practice with modern neuroscience to create a well-rounded hypnosis.

As one of the few Naturopathic Doctors in the US certified by the North American Menopause Society, I work with women to understand their hormones and traverse menopause with grace and ease, not falling prey to the myth that it’s the end of life as they’ve known it. 


Treating hot flashes leads to better overall health

In addition to feeling scary and negatively impacting our sleep, treating hot flashes is important because they can be associated with heart disease. 

Women with hot flashes and night sweats are more likely to have:

  • higher blood pressure
  • worse total cholesterol
  • higher blood sugar value (something that puts us at risk for diabetes)

If you’re a woman in your 40s or 50s, staying on top of your heart health is more important than ever.


Other holistic treatments for menopausal symptoms

As a naturopath, I believe in holistic treatments that improve your whole-body health. In addition to hypnosis, the health plans I create for my clients include recommendations for:

  • Regular exercise and strength training
  • A Mediterranean-style diet with lots of leafy greens
  • Annual cholesterol and blood pressure check-ups
  • Taking high quality, doctor-recommended supplements based on your body and health history
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy


Finding a menopause and hormone specialist 

When you begin experiencing symptoms of perimenopause, your first instinct might be to book an appointment with your gynecologist or general practitioner. However, your general practitioner or gynecologist probably isn’t your best option. Unless specifically mentioned, obstetricians, gynecologists, and general practitioners  don’t have speciality training in menopause and hormonal changes.  

You need a hormone specialist who is highly trained and certified to create the right plan for your body, health history, and menopause journey stage, Read this post for more information on choosing the right practitioner for this stage of life. 

Please share this article with your friends ages 35-60 who are navigating the menopausal journey, especially those who have had breast cancer and are looking for alternative ways to treat hot flashes and night sweats. They’ll thank you! 


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Dr. Kate Naumes specializes in menstrual and hormone health for women, helping her clients live healthy, vibrant lives from preconception through menopausal stages. Her deep knowledge of the female hormonal journey enables her to create highly tailored and effective healthcare solutions that cater to her clients’ unique needs.

Dr. Kate holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a BA in Biochemistry, among other certifications, and is a highly trusted naturopathic doctor with over 16 years of experience. Dr. Kate is one of only ten ND’s in the US certified as a NAMS menopause practitioner (NCMP).