Many people ask if I can help them with allergies for themselves and their children.  They are tired of taking Zyrtec, Claritin, and Benadryl on a regular basis. They want to understand why they have allergies.  Allergies is a term commonly applied to symptoms such as runny nose, conjunctivitis, asthma, hives or eczema that often occur in association with a season or exposure to certain foods or substances like pollens, pet dander, or dust. In fact, a wide variety of symptoms and systems may be involved in allergic or ‘sensitivity’ reactions that occur when a person’s immune system no longer tolerates seemingly benign substances. Although some allergies are ‘fixed’, correcting imbalances can minimize severity of symptoms. Other sensitivities may be reversed entirely with the proper attention.

  • Identifying specific allergenic foods and environmental substances is an important first step in resolving allergic symptoms.
  • It is important to take a look at digestive function.  Maldigestion and intestinal microflora imbalances can set the stage for chronic allergies, especially to foods.
  • Deficient cortisol in adrenal insufficiency can result in heightened allergic inflammatory responses. Confused?  What is this?  Ask Dr. Naumes to explain at your next visit.
  • Imbalances in key antioxidant nutrients can aggravate histamine reactions and impair immune function.
  • Inherited tendencies for allergic immune reactions is an underlying factor for many individuals with allergies.  Finding out what these are and correcting imbalances can improve quality of life.
  • Consider pre-conception care to learn about the effects of prenatal exposure to environmental toxins and how to minimize those exposures to decrease your child’s risk of allergies
The beauty of Naturopathic Care is that it can address each of these possible contributors to allergies.   Working with Dr. Naumes to create an individualized approach using nutrition, exercise, individualized laboratory testing (via appropriate avenues), botanical remedies, and supplementation to replete or correct imbalances, the body can function at a more optimal level.