Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerence and Professional Support

If you have been newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you may be struggling to navigate the gluten-free world as you try to improve your condition and health. Going gluten-free can be daunting, but luckily our society is continuing to improve on accommodating people who need to avoid gluten. Certain strategies can help you succeed with transitioning into a gluten-free lifestyle.

    • knowing what foods contain gluten (there are some hidden ones you may not even think about!)
    • knowing what non-food items contain gluten (did you know most shampoo is not gluten free?)
    • learning about restaurants in your area that cater to gluten-free individuals
    • learning to cook gluten-free
    • how to grocery shop while avoiding gluten
    • cross contamination knowledge
    • finding social support as you take on this challenge

At Holistic Wellness, we frequently work with individuals on how to transition into a gluten-free diet and lifestyle. By providing guidance and support, we help clients make these necessary dietary changes in a manageable way that is realistic for each person.