Good nutrition is a foundation of optimal health

At Holistic Wellness, we believe that diet is a crucial foundation of optimal health. Nutrition plays such an important role in overall health and wellbeing. If we want to feel and look our best, we need to eat foods that are going to nourish and support our bodies. One of the first topics we address with clients is how to optimize one’s nutrition and eating habits in a realistic way for each individual. We know that everybody has different nutritional needs – based on their gender, age, activity level, genetics, and environment. Figuring out your unique nutritional needs is an ideal first step towards achieving optimal health.

While dietary requirements differ among each individual, adopting a non-processed, whole-foods diet based on both animal and non-animal proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds is a foundational shift from which most everyone can benefit. Once you switch to a cleaner diet, tweaks can be made to support your individual needs. By changing your diet to working with your body instead of against it, you are setting yourself up to become a healthy and vibrant person full of energy and vitality.