Male Fertility and Nutrition

Too often (in our opinion), only the female is considered when it comes to optimizing fertility. However, it is important that the male also be in good overall health when trying to conceive. This is also true when it comes to nutrition. We want both partners to be in outstanding nutritional health before trying to conceive. We help couples work together to achieve this by assessing:

  • lifestyle habits
  • eating habits
  • dietary needs and restrictions for both individuals
  • fertility enhancing foods and how to incorporate them into the diet
  • how to create a support system for each other


By looking at these considerations, we can not only help the couple get healthier as a pair for conception, but also foster goals for both individuals to work together to be in as good of nutritional status as possible. These dietary changes will not only help with conception and achieving optimal fertility, but will carry on to other areas of your health as well.