Do You Think You Might Be Struggling With Infertility?

Are you struggling to get pregnant? Does it seem like all your friends got pregnant the first time they tried and you have been trying for...

Lifestyle Factors and Fertility: Insights from Kate Naumes ND

Lifestyle factors can affect the duration of time before achieving pregnancy. Modifying these factors may enhance fertility.

Discover Dr. Kate’s Top 7 Focus Areas for Women Trying to Get Pregnant

Your naturopath can effectively support you to improve fertility, exercise, limit caffeine, quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol, optimize weight and diet.

Naturopathic Fertility Toolkit: What You Need to Know

Kate Naumes ND discusses some of the tools in the toolkit of a naturopathic doctor.

Discover how Kate Naumes ND can help with Fertility in Her Video Series

Kate Naumes can help enhance fertility without medical interventions like IVF or help to increase the effectiveness of assistive reproductive technologies, or help to minimize side effects of IVF

Preconception Planning: What to Do 4-6 Months Before Trying to Get Pregnant

Things to do 4-6 months before trying to conceive:
1) Have A Primary Care Physician (PCP) Visit.
2) Get a Well Woman Exam.
3) Quit the birth control pill.
4) Visit your dentist.

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Understanding Normal Cycle Phases: Insights from Kate Naumes ND

To begin to talk about what is abnormal about women’s menstrual cycles, we have to first understand what is normal. Most doctors and experts tend to talk about the two phases of a menstrual cycle, but to more accurately represent the lived experience of having a menstrual cycle, we think four phases are more accurate. These are: Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulatory &
Luteal. Each phase has its own level of energy, physical changes, and hormone processes in the body. Each one also tells us a little bit about how you feel in the world at that time of the month.

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